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👩‍🏫 Staff

Kyle Shannon (Data Soothsayer)

🎓 Neuroscience → Data Science @ UCSD x2 (recursive pain)

🏠 San Diego, Cali

🙋 Coffee, Likely to be found on a tennis court 🎾

🍕 Regent's Pizza, Charminar, Sochi Sushi, Turmeric Thai, Callie

Owen Miller

🎓 3rd year data science + probability & stats major

🏠 Moss Beach -> Salt Lake City -> Barcelona -> San Diego

🙋 Cooking, books

🍕 Piacere Mio, Flavors of East Africa, Lanzhou Noodlelicious

Jiesen (just Jiesen, like Madonna)

🎓 4th year data science + Cognitive Science (Machine Learning and Neural Computation)

🏠 Kaifeng -> Zhengzhou -> Los Angeles -> Syracuse -> San Diego

🙋 Collecting records, playing guitar & bass; most likely to find me at Folk Arts Rare Records and Pitbull Audio (not sponsored)

🍕 Taco El Gordo, Fire Spot BBQ, Dim Sum places

Ahmed Mostafa

🎓 3rd year data science major & math minor

🏠 Cairo, Egypt

🙋 Ping Pong 🏓, Soccer ⚽, and Fishing 🎣

🍕 Board & Brew, Aladdin, House of Mandi